I called it first: Memory prices are going back up

Halfway through last year I made a couple of mentions on the NAG Forums, on NAG Online and in other places on the internet that the market for desktop memory was beginning to stagnate. The prices for DRAM dropped so low that the companies making these chips actually weren’t earning enough money to stay afloat and I didn’t expect that to last any longer than a year (prices have been dropping steadily since 2009). Turns out, my prediction that RAM prices would rise this year are correct: from next month, we’re going to see prices for 4GB DDR3 DIMMs spike to $20 each minimum, from their previous lows of $17. $3 doesn’t seem like much of a change but that’s only for one manufacturer. Some brands are already seeing increases in the $10 range and its probably going to increase and continue throughout this year (possibly the next, too) as companies try to artificially increase prices to stay afloat. If you wanted to pick up some RAM on the cheap, now’s the time to do it. Coupled with our import tax and whatever else the government adds onto our hardware, we’ll be paying anything upwards of R300 for a 4GB module soon enough.

Source: Digitimes

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