Brand New BioShock Infinite Trailer!


Some time ago I decided I wanted to initiate a BioShock Infinite media blackout until launch. This proved impossible for two reasons: first, I write about games every day so chances are I’d have to write about BioShock Infinite at some point; second, I’m too excited to pass up new trailers like this one.

This brand-spanking-new trailer for Irrational’s next jaunt through the BioShock series neatly summarises exactly what the game is about. By now you should all be well aware that you’re playing Booker DeWitt as he attempts to rescue a girl called Elizabeth from a floating dystopian city called Columbia. There’s also a massive bird thing that has a single purpose to keep Elizabeth un-rescued. Cue guns, mechanical bad guys and religiously charged themes of idealism.

Honestly, I’ve watched this new trailer four times already, and every time without fail I get goosebumps the moment that Songbird whistle starts. Man, this looks so exciting. Hit the jump.

Via: Twitter