Tearaway gets a female protagonist, new trailer


Good lordy but Tearaway charmed my pants off at Gamescom last year. The new adventure game from LittleBigPlanet studio Media Molecule is a PlayStation Vita exclusive, which is somewhat bittersweet. It’s sweet because we all know that Sony’s handheld could seriously do with some decent exclusives; it’s rather bitter because one game doesn’t exactly justify coughing up Sony’s asking price for a Vita. Unless of course you already have one; in which case Tearaway is sweet without a hint of bitter.

Anyway, it’s been a while since we heard from the talented bunch at Media Molecule. They’re aware of that as well and have just updated their blog with a brand new trailer for Tearaway. For those of you with a short memory or who have never heard of Tearaway until now, the game follows the adventures of a little paper-craft bloke called iota. You and your “godly fingers” have to help him traverse the land of Tearaway in order to deliver a message. Turns out that message is actually addressed to you.

Alongside a new trailer, which shows off some more gameplay and new beasties to thwart, Media Molecule has unveiled a new character called atoi – and as MM themselves put it atoi is “pronounced like the French phrase; ‘ah-twa’”. At the start of a new game you’ll be able to pick which messenger accompanies you on your delivery quest: iota or atoi. Hit the jump for the trailer and to meet the second lead.


Source: Media Molecule Blog
Via: Twitter

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