Tyria Today – Flame & Frost: Prelude


[ Tyria Today is our semi-regular Guild Wars 2 segment, where we cover what’s happening in Tyria, bring some useful advice when we find it, and more. ]

Flame and Frost: Prelude, is the start of a “multi-stage narrative” that will “bring big changes to Guild Wars 2 in the months to come”, according to ArenaNet.

It’s a massive patch (around 1GB!) that rolled out on January 28, and it brought a huge list of changes. Daily Achievements are now more diverse and reward a new currency type, used to buy Ascended amulets, crafting starter kits, obsidian shards, new boosters, two new mini-pets, and more. Dungeons have been given a bit of polish,   and Fractals of the Mists have received huge fixes: players can now reconnect, are no longer gated by difficult level, and more. Guesting has been enabled, letting you play with friends on other servers (as long as they’re in the same region, unfortunately). Be sure to check out the full patch notes.

As for the new “Living Story” content, it’s being rolled out gradually. The Egg Baron has done a good write-up on what’s active right now, which involves assisting some refugees flowing into Wayfarer Foothills and the Diessa Plateau. There are strange weather patterns and geologic events that trigger small group events, and odd dead bodies to find in these areas. Helping the refugees along the paths marked by stars on your map, eventually rewards you with a karma item.

We’ll be watching this new event unfold closely, and you can expect to see daily “Tyria Today” updates on the site, covering events, new additions/changes, and more.