American McGee is the somewhat disturbed mind behind 2000’s Alice and 2011’s Alice: Madness Returns. Neither of the games set software sales charts alight, but both games have developed a cult following. At their cores, both were straightforward brawlers with platforming elements thrown in, but it was McGee’s twisted vision of Lewis Carroll’s popular children’s story which provided an amazing backdrop for arguably forgettable gameplay.

While American McGee is busy with his current development project, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, in a recent interview with website Rock, Paper, Shotgun he admitted that he would definitely make another Alice game. The only thing stopping him is Electronic Arts.

EA owns the Alice IP, even though it technically has American McGee’s name in the title. That, McGee divulged during the interview, was entirely EA’s idea; they added his name to the IP trademark in order to differentiate his vision of Carroll’s work to the numerous others.

“I’d like to continue working on [Alice], and that’s sometimes frustrating because the ownership of the franchise lies with EA. They decide what to do with it. It’d be great if that was something where it was easier for me to call them up and say, ‘Hey, we’ve got money. We want to continue working on this. Let us have license to do that.’

Of course I want to make another one. Alice is a really wonderful character, and obviously I have a really great affinity for working with her and the material that comes with her. So I do hope someday – you know, if I can stop pissing EA off in the press – that I could work with them again to make another one.”

Him “pissing off” EA is in reference to a recent Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”). During the AMA, somebody asked McGee what it had been like working alongside the company that was responsible for developing all of the Alice: Madness Returns marketing prior to launch. McGee responded that he felt EA had wanted to “trick” people into thinking Madness Returns was this super-dark horror game. His choice of words irked some at EA and he was forced to explain himself later.

So there you have it. The original mind behind the twisted Alice games is wholeheartedly on-board any further iterations of the game. Sadly, whether or not that happens is entirely up to EA.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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