Just as we encourage physical hygiene to preserve our health 
we also need a sense of emotional or mental hygiene too.

– Dalai Lama

Proteus is a piece of software. It lets you explore a randomly generated island. The visuals are simple, and impressionistic. But what is it?

There are no set goals. Seasons change, if you want them to. You can stay in an endless summer. Chasing squirrels up trees. Walking along the beach. Pressing F9 takes a “postcard”, a screenshot. These act as gateways to that exact time and place on your island. The island’s configuration, your location, becomes encoded within the screenshot. Send the postcard to a friend, and they can go there. Explore the same place as you.

Sound is very important in Proteus. Headphones are highly recommended. What you do, where you go, what you look at. All these things become the soundtrack. Proteus offers you a break, anytime you want it. There are strange things to find, and odd events where you least expect them. You’d be surprised how good that kind of thing can be for you. The island contains what you bring with you.

Zen, is not for everyone. But anyone can find a moment of zen. Proteus, then, is the kind of software that isn’t properly classified yet. It’s zenware, if you will. And it’s kind of important.

Yeah well, that’s just like, my opinion, man.

[ You can buy Proteus on Steam, or you can get the DRM-free version (plus Steam key) from ]

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