All over the internet are users complaining about some Samsung laptops from the 2012/2013 lineup locking out users trying to load Linux on the notebooks. Rebooting after the initial Linux install will result in the laptop bricking itself up, as the UEFI BIOS crashes when you try using the UEFI boot loader. Some investigation reveals this to be caused by NVRAM corruption (the stuff that the CMOS battery keeps powered) and removing the CMOS battery normally returns UEFI to working, but still broken, order. Its likely that during the development process Samsung tested their laptops with Windows, but didn’t account that users might like to load other OSes to play with. Samsung has yet to comment on the issue and the work-around is as very complex and convoluted dual-boot method that I wouldn’t suggest trying, only because it might be more work than necessary. Its worth mentioning that this might even affect Windows 7 installs as well.

Source: Anandtech

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