Have you noticed the sudden rush of The Last if Us previews online today? That’s because embargo has lifted on the first ever press, hands-on event recently hosted by Sony and Naughty Dog. Geoff Keighley an co over at GTTV have an interview with game directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley in which they dissect the half-hour of gameplay that was on offer at the event.

The clip doesn’t show the entire gameplay sequence, but it does introduce new mechanics and two out of the three types of infected that populate the game. One of those infected types is the “Clicker” – a completely blind but powerful infected that uses echo-location to track its prey. The different types of infected correlate to the varying stages of the infection; so for example, Clickers are at an advanced state of infection.

There’s also a glimpse of the crafting system. Hitting the R1 button brings up craftable items like batteries, rags, sugar and more. A large part of combat has been designed around the notion of improvisation. As such you’ll need to scavenge parts and find handy objects in order to protect Joel and Ellie by crafting new weapons. Ammo will also be scarce and guns aren’t always the best option. If all has gone well, you’ll find the GTTV video embedded snuggly after the jump.

Source: GameTrailers

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