Honestly, there is such a massive emphasis on that “rumour” bit in the above headline. Edge-Online has compiled a two page round-up of a bunch of PlayStation 4 rumours. Obviously, Edge is citing its own “industry sources”, but for the rest of us it’s safe to file this in the folder marked “S” for Super-Massive-Rumour.

According to Edge’s sources the PlayStation 4 will be out in time for the festive season this year. However, it’ll only be out in Japan and the USA. For Europe and the UK, and that includes South Africa because we share launch windows with these regions, the PlayStation 4 will only be out in “early 2014” due to “the complexities involved in European distribution.”

It is believed that Sony will reveal their new console on 20 February, which is a little over two weeks away. Late last week the company released a teaser video inviting people to head over to to watch a streamed announcement in the coming weeks.

Edge is also reporting that the DualShock controller will sport a built-in touchpad similar to the one found on the back of the PlayStation Vita. Additionally, the PS4 will record the last 15 minutes of game footage and will allow you to edit and share the footage online. This feature will be accessible via a new DualShock “Share” button.

You can expect more rumours like these to spring up across the Internet as we get closer to Sony’s big announcement on 20 February.

Source: Edge-Online

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