We’ve written about LEGO projects appearing on CUUSOO before. Sometimes those projects get approved by the LEGO gods and we actually end up with the sets. Other times, those projects get stuck in the support phase destined to go nowhere. And then other other times those projects get the required support, but then go nowhere for months because the LEGO gods still aren’t entirely convinced.

This LEGO replica of the opening village in Polytron’s Fez was made by a bloke called Sean Foreman. He decided to make the LEGO model because Fez was his favourite game of 2012, which also means the man has impeccable taste in video games.

His design has now been submitted to the LEGO CUUSOO website, where it will be sent off for approval if it reaches 10, 000 supporters on the website. So far it has just less than 700. That’s criminal.

The detail of the set is remarkable. It’s almost an exact, block-by-block replica from the game. Foreman has even made mock-ups of the characters that populate this village but he’s admitted that they’re a little too small to go with the scale of the village. If you look hard enough, you can spot the first cube bit “floating” on a stack of transparent LEGO bricks. The windmill rotates, the trees are in the correct place and even the grass that overhangs the edge of the village is in the correct place on the LEGO model.

The LEGO Company has always been a little sticky when it comes to converting other material into LEGO sets. Their general rule is that if the source material is inherently violent in nature, then it won’t fit in with the LEGO ethos. That’s probably why that Portal LEGO set hasn’t made it out of the review stage, but the Minecraft one did without a problem. Fez, as Foreman points out, isn’t a violent game at all and it can appeal to people of all ages. Considering the game world is made up of individual cubes, replicating the environments with LEGO couldn’t possibly make any more sense – again, that’s kind of like Minecraft LEGO.

If you feel like this is a thing you’d want one day, then head over to the CUUSOO website and hit the big green “Support” button on the right hand side of Foreman’s project page. You don’t even need to make an account any longer as they’ve added a feature that lets people sign in with Twitter and Facebook.

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