XNA goes the way of the dinosaurs

Some sad news for developers: Microsoft has officially shut down its XNA development toolset and will cease any future updates. For those of you not in the know, XNA is a platform for game development in Windows as well as Xbox 360 and Windows Phone.

But the news isn’t surprising for some. Despite having in excess of 10,000 developers, the platform has not seen updates for over a year and has gotten no official support on Windows 8.

Still, hope is not lost. MonoGame, an open source implementation of XNA, is committed to continuing support for the platform. Developers will be able to use the same tools they’ve grown accustomed to, in addition to publishing games for non-Microsoft systems such as Linux and even porting games to Windows 8. One such title, Skulls of the Shogun, already exists and was given the green light by Microsoft on the Windows Store.

Other options for developers include the ever-present Unity engine and the popular Unreal Development Kit.

source: Gamasutra