Cooler Master has had chassis that support dual or even triple radiators for some time and its a very high priority on the discerning enthusiast’s list of requirements. Water cooling has seen a surge in uptake thanks to the all-in-one designs that take away the complexity of choosing an air cooler that fits your motherboard without blocking any other vital component. But there are very few chassi that can hold more than one radiator inside and that makes it especially difficult if you’d like to do as little work as possible to get everything running. Enter the Force 500.


Sleeper looks, but inside its a different story.

This chassis is so new, it doesn’t even appear in Google search results, nor does it appear on Cooler Master’s global website. Its destined for European and EMEA markets, which means we’ll definitely get it too. Unlike the Elite, the HAF or the Storm family, the Force is a new design that should fit in between the Elite and the HAF price points. On closer inspection, the design is very similar to the Stryker with its two side-facing fans that fit behind the 3.5″ stack on the right-side of the chassis. Unlike the Stryker, those fans are in a fixed position and cannot be moved. However, they can be removed to fit in a 240mm radiator!

CM-Force-500-4 CM-Force-500-6

As you can see, there’s a few things that enthusiasts and system builders might find irksome, like the top-mounted PSU and the lack of cable management holes. I contend that those things are fine for use here because the case is practically designed for water-cooling setups. Anything else would be a waste of its potential. Additionally, I can see a lot of people picking the Force 500 up and using a 240mm rad for the CPU and buying something like Arctic Cooling’s Accelero Hybrid, a GPU waterblock mated to a 120mm radiator. It would be a perfect fit as an exhaust in the fan grille up top and you wouldn’t have to worry about hot air going into the PSU – there isn’t much hot air going through there to start with.

22d CM-Force-500-2 CM-Force-500-3 CM-Force-500-5

The Force 500 comes standard with three 120mm fans, which helps when you’re on a limited budget. It looks like it could work with positive or negative pressure, something that not all chassis are able to do. If the side fans were set to exhausts, you’d have lower internal temperatures and, if you’re one of those who put the case down by your feet, possibly a cool breeze to stem off the heat this summer! Cooler Master have quoted the Force 500 as having general availability in EMEA regions sometime in February. Whether this launch extends to American and Asian markets remains to be seen. I think I may have found my upgrade, finally!


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