Visceral Games and Electronic Arts are releasing Dead Space 3 this Friday. During the last couple of weeks there has been this growing vitriol in response to EA’s decision to include microtransactions in order to speed up your weapon acquisition. For many gamers, the inclusion of microtransactions is a step in the wrong direction for the franchise and has been labelled as another money-making effort by the publisher.

If you fall into the category of gamers who have become riled by the inclusion of microtransactions, then it might please you to know that somebody has discovered an exploit in the game that allows you to farm the resources required to manufacture weapons. Those crafting resources are the same types of items that are up for sale through the microtransaction system that EA has implemented.

In chapter eight of Dead Space 3 you’ll come across a room with a generator and an item box that spawns a randomly generated resource pick-up. You can grab the item, immediately turn around and head back out that room, wait for the door to close behind you, then re-enter that room to find that the item box has another item for you to pick up. Rinse and repeat for as long as your patience allows you to I guess. Hit the jump to see a video of the whole exploit in action.

Obviously, this will probably be patched by the time Dead Space 3 launches in South Africa. You could refuse that patch and farm away if you felt like giving EA the metaphorical finger in response to this whole microtransaction thing. That being said, half of the reason why people were upset by these microtransactions was because they allow for players to artificially boost their game progress, which is pretty much exactly what you’d be doing by making use of this exploit anyway.

Source: Destructoid

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