Double Fine Adventure on console to be Ouya exclusive?

Double Fine Adventure

The DICE summit (Design, Innovate, Communicate and Entertain) is currently underway. During DICE, really, really clever people give all sorts of talks on myriad topics. One such person is Ouya president Julie Uhrman who gave a talk entitled “Revenge of the TV”. Her talk was primarily about the new, open-source Ouya console that is hitting retail in the coming months.

During Uhrman’s presentation, it was revealed that the Kickstarter success story Double Fine Adventure, which is currently codenamed Red, will be available on the Ouya. That shouldn’t really be much of a surprise seeing as loads of games are hitting the Ouya. What was surprising is that Uhrman implied that Ouya will be the only console to get Double Fine’s new adventure game.

Since the talk, a representative from Double Fine has clarified with Kotaku that the Ouya console will be the only console to get Double Fine Adventure on the day the game launches. However, that representative also stated that there are currently no plans to release the game on any other console. It is still slated for release on PC, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Sources: Polygon & Kotaku

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