Earlier last year rumours surfaced that founder and CEO, Michael Dell, was looking to take back his company into private hands in the looming shadow of a declining desktop PC market, citing that not having to pander to Wall Street’s expectations along with the demands of investors will allow the company to be more nimble with the way it handles itself. Micheal Dell offered up a large portion of the $24.4 billion needed, along with sizeable investments from Silverlake, a private equity firm, as well as Microsoft, chippiing in $2 billion in exchange for Dell’s continued support for Windows, fearing that the company may consider Linux support for its future products. The deal closed up yesterday and Dell is now off the stock market after 25 years since it first entered NASDAQ. What this means for the Alienware, Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Vostro and XPS product families is anyone’s guess.

Source: Hexus.net

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