Another day, another PlayStation 4 rumour. This time the rumour involves Sony’s supposed target price for their next console. According to “a reputable Japanese newspaper” (as Eurogamer calls it) Sony is aiming to sell the PlayStation 4 for about ¥40, 000.00. That translates to about $428.00 or just over R3, 800.00 at the current exchange rate.

If this rumoured pricing is accurate, our guess is that the PlayStation 4 will be around the R4, 500.00 to R5, 000.00 mark. Don’t get your hopes up though, because for now this is pure conjecture. It would be a nice change though, considering Sony’s hardware has, in the past, been exceptionally pricey at launch. Why, just the other day I found the box for my 60GB PlayStation 3 launch model and it still had a R7, 000.00 price tag stuck to it.

Sony is expected to unveil the next PlayStation at a press event in New York on 20 February.

Source: Eurogamer

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