Gearbox Software (the super-cool people who brought us stuff like Borderlands) and SEGA are about to unleash Aliens: Colonial Marines. The game has a worldwide release date of 12 February, which means that next week Tuesday we can all shriek in terror, soil our undies and cry like babies while we look on in horror as our hapless marine gets mutilated on screen by hordes of slavering aliens.

To celebrate the impending terror fest, Gearbox has released an extended edition trailer for the game. It’s pre-rendered and all very fancy with its super slow-mo deaths and leaping face-huggers. You can find the trailer (you guessed it!) after the jump.

In related news, it’s been revealed that Colonial Marines will get a helping of DLC on 19 March entitled “Bug Hunt”. From the sounds of the Walmart flier that accidentally outed the DLC, “Bug Hunt” will be a Horde style multiplayer mode. Yeah, we’re thinking the same thing: $15 for a multiplayer mode? Yikes.


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