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We’ve had an intern look at DmC – Ninja Theory’s reboot of Devil May Cry – from the perspective of someone new to the series, and our own Matthew Vice gave it his review which you can read right here.

The “nu Dante”, redesigned from the ground up to appeal to a “younger, more hip” audience of 18 to 19 year olds who like meth (I kid, I kid), lacks the charming white hair of the series’ original protagonist. During the opening mission, Ninja Theory even mocks the idea by having a white mop land on Nu Dante’s head, and him shrugging it off saying “Never in a million years…”

A Million Years Later…

If you complete DmC on any difficulty, then go to Skins/Perks on the Mission Star screen at the main menu, you can unlock the classic white hair for all missions and cutscenes.

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