Local THQ game distribution “on hold”


We’ve just received a press release from local THQ distributor SterKinekor Entertainment notifying us that all THQ games distribution has been put “on hold”. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the recent collapse of THQ and the auctioning off of their major intellectual properties to rival publishers.

Many of the more popular THQ games are now owned by other companies, such as Koch Media taking over the Saints Row franchise and the Metro franchise. Distribution companies all over the world might not necessarily have the rights to distribute the games made by some of the publishers who purchased THQ assets. For example: Ubisoft recently purchased THQ IPs, but SterKinekor doesn’t have the rights to distribute Ubisoft games in South Africa.

It’s all a little tumultuous at the moment but it’ll be interesting to see if previous THQ games will be repackaged and republished by their new owners. You can read the brief press release after the jump. Also, if you were holding off on picking up some THQ games, then you might want to do that sooner rather than later because it doesn’t sound like any new stock will be arriving in our country.

South Africa, Johannesburg, 12th February 2013 – Leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software distribution, THQ Inc. (NASDAQ: THQI) has put distribution of all gaming titles on hold with immediate effect in South Africa. The decision comes after the company has filed for voluntary bankruptcy in the USA.

SterKinekor Entertainment, is the sole distributor for THQ in South Africa and Chief Executive Officer Mario Dos Santos said, “in light of the recent unfortunate events that have taken place within THQ, SterKinekor Entertainment will not at this time be distributing titles previously announced by THQ”.