Nvidia comes up with a bundle with Geforce cards for UK, US

Similar to AMD’s Never Settle Bundle, Nvidia has been distributing free copies of Assassin’s Creed III to buyers of the Geforce GTX650 Ti and the GTX660 Ti through participating brand and stores. While AC III is a fantastic game, the bundle does seem to pale in comparison to AMD’s Never Settle bundle with free copies of Far Cry 3, Hitman: Absolution and Sleeping Dogs. Nvidia has now hit back with another bundle, this time targeting the F2P market with Planetside 2, World of Tanks and Hawken.


 No, they’re not bundling the games, seeing as Planetside 2 is already on Steam and you can download the other two here and here. Instead, Nvidia is bundling free stuff in-game to a certain credit value in all three titles. Buy a GTX650 or GTX650 Ti and you receive £50 worth of in-game goodies, along with a few other freebies thrown in to sweeten the deal. Buy a GTX660 or a more expensive Geforce card and you get and extra £50 worth of stuff.


Its a nice gesture but I’m wondering if this will appeal to the majority of gamers, especially given that AMD ships free games that you would have otherwise bought in the future. The extra gold in World of Tanks is certainly useful, but the one month Premium account is just there to convince you to pay for the subscription. Everything else is pretty much worth it and it does put more money in your pocket if you already play and plan to spend money on these games.

Unfortunately, Nvidia seems to be a bit near-sighted because its only targeting the US and the UK with these deals, once again sidestepping every other country where people have money and play these games or want the cards or both. What are SAffers supposed to do, though? We don’t get much in the way of anything these days and even local distribution for THQ titles now hangs in the balance. Its a shame we’re not identified as an “emerging”, “growing” or “important” marke to most tech companies.

Source: Hexus

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