What, it’s been at least five days since we posted a next-gen console rumour? Better fix that!

This time around Kotaku is citing a source who has “access to development hardware” and is somebody who they consider “an unusual but surprisingly well-informed source.” Apparently this source (called SuperDaE) has managed to get hold of the overview documents for the next Xbox console – those are the documents that are ordinarily given to game developers so they know what hardware features they’ll be able to make use of. Obviously, much of that stuff is about the console’s specs, but other bits of interesting information have cropped up, such as the fact that the next Xbox won’t function unless Kinect s plugged in. Yikes.

If the mass of recent rumours are true, it sounds like Microsoft is forcing the next generation of Kinect onto everyone who picks up the next Xbox console. Apparently this next-gen Kinect has been vastly improved so hopefully they’ve been able to get around the requirement of having a massive lounge in order for Kinect to actually function properly.

Microsoft has made numerous statements in which they’ve championed the advertising potential of Kinect. They’ve spoken about Kinect being used for interactive advertising, and in fact Microsoft has recently announced the creation of a new  Xbox Entertainment Studios specifically created to develop interactive advertising for Kinect.

Those of you who have been keeping up with next-gen rumours and recent patent filings will probably be putting two-and-two together here. That’s right, remember that horrific patent that Microsoft filed a while ago? The one that makes it sound like Kinect will be able to count how many people are in the room and then charge you for each person watching streamed content? Makes this new mandatory Kinect rumour seem a little scary, doesn’t it?

These overview documents also pointed towards other next Xbox features such as mandatory installs for all games, but that those installs can happen in the background while you start playing the game. That’s pretty neat.

Source: Kotaku

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