If you’ve ever watched Tron, you’ll be familiar with the awesome lighting they have on those bikes and suits. Well, it looks like someone at Thermaltake may have been watching Tron while staring at an old Armor Revo and thinking about a new design because that’s just what the A31 looks like – something out of the cool-hued Grid. This might actually be the second time I’ve liked a chassis design from Thermaltake, apart from the very rad Level 10 GT.


It looks a lot like something you’d commonly find at LANs, with the blue accents catching your eye very quickly. Although it’s all-plastic, the A31 does seem big and you’ll notice in the pictures that its interior looks about as roomy as the Corsair Carbide 400R, or even NZXT’s Phantom 410. There’s no fans in the side panel and it only comes with a perspex window. Inside it’s painted in matte black and from here it looks like it’ll be mostly tool-free.

chaser A31 mainchaser A31 inside

There’s enough space for eATX boards and it doesn’t look like that annoying lip manufacturers put into their motherboard trays is too high – which means using rotated SATA ports on the board shouldn’t be an issue. The drive cage in the middle is removable and there’s one front 120mm fan by default, with space for another right above it. There are more 120mm vents at the bottom, rear by the I/O panel and two at the top, also supporting a 240mm radiator or two 140mm fans, provided your DVD or Blu-Ray drive isn’t too long. Both side panels have raised lips, so there’s space to hide cables in the back and install 160mm CPU coolers.

chaser A31 build

The Chaser A31 also has two USB 3.0 ports provided by an internal header, audio and microphone jacks and a recess in the top to put your phone/MP3 player/screws in to. There’s a removable and washable dust filter at the bottom and the drive bays accommodate both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives – get this – at the same time! That’s a possible twelve drives that can be crammed into there, even if half of them are either laptop-size or SSDs. In fact, I can actually see a lot of people buying those fancy 3.5″ to dual 2.5″ drive bay converters and doing up to twenty-four SSDs in a RAID array just because they can. That’s pretty cool.

Also, that’s pretty insane. I don’t know what you’d be doing with that, seriously. Possibly building the precursor to Skynet or something, I don’t know.

Unfortunately, Thermaltake’s press release doesn’t specify a release date or even how much this thing will cost. Considering the dual-rad support and the flexible fan configuration in the front, I’d have to guess somewhere around R1200, in the middle of the Antec Eleven Hundred, Corsair’s Carbide 400R and NZXT’s Phantom 410. Would you get something like this? I know I would. The lack of a side panel fan may be worrying to some, but the A31’s already been reviewed by Vortez and it won their Silver award, lining up neatly in the thermal benchmarks with the much larger Aerocool XPredator.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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