If you’re currently furrowing your brow while contemplating upgrading to socket FM2 with a nice AMD A-series APU, you might be wondering how the platform will handle processor upgrades since the highest tier the platform is capable of is the quad-core A10-5800K. It looks like AMD is actually planning to have both “Richland” and “Kaveri” on the same socket within this year, with the latter being based on AMD’s upcoming “Steamroller” architecture and featuring a GCN-based Radeon graphics card built into the same die. Hey, well isn’t that some good news to start your weekend off with?


What does the new updated roadmap mean, though? Basically, we’re going to see the “Richland” family hit the market around march the 19th. “Kabini” and “Temash”, both low-power designs using “Jaguar” cores to service the mobile market, will be hitting the market around the same time as Computex – if you look closely, the two entries on the roadmap extend a little beyond a line marking the middle of the year.

It looks like AMD is continuing it’s plan to have “Kabini” chips replace the low-power Bobcat-based “Brazos” cores, which for the desktop market came in ITX-sized boards soldered on in a Ball Grid Array. These are efficient, low-power designs to be used as media players, mini-servers and desktop computers mounted onto the back of a monitor using a VESA mounting kit. The only difference is that “Kabini” will be a complete system-on-chip with GCN graphics support, something which “Brazos” lacked and limited its usefulness. With full OpenCL support, AMD might gain a lot of ground in the low-price desktop and notebook market. Even if Intel can get better power efficiency from Haswell, AMD’s competing chips should be much cheaper.


They’re also redesigning their logos for their APU family. It looks really slick.

Finally, its good to see that Steamroller is on track for a release late this year, at least for the APU family. The table promises a release in early Q4 2013 which would be nice. Details on the new family will be released as time passes, but its anyone’s guess how things will play out in the real world. Its nice to see that the “Jaguar” cores are on track as well, which means that AMD’s involvement with the development of the PS4 and the Xbox 720/Infinity/8 must have accelerated their roadmaps and future plans.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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