WIN! A Razer Naga Epic MMO gaming mouse

Hello you delightful NAG Online-loving human you! How are you on this lovely Valentine’s Day? Courtesy of Musica, we’ve got a Razer Naga “Expert MMO Gaming Mouse” (valued at R1,399) to offer you the chance to win, covered in more buttons than we have any clue what to do with. Perhaps having all of the buttons ever is an important thing amongst MMO gamers that we’ll just never understand. Maybe buttons are a sign of fertility in the world of MMO gaming, and the man/woman in charge of all of the buttons gets all the good lovin’ or something. Who knows? Anyway, we’re handling this competition a little differently, so head on past the break for the rules.

There’s this useful feature with Disqus commenting that lets people up- and down-vote comments, so that comments can then be sorted by how good (or shit) they are. So, in the spirit of love and whatever the hell else you’re meant to do stuff in the spirit of on Valentine’s Day, we’re going to let you readers show each other some love by voting for the best comments on this post. And then at the end of it all, the comment that receives the most community approval will be crowned the winner of a brand-new Razer Naga. Here’s a fancy image that explains how to do it:

Now, we realise that the nature of this competition will likely result in questionable situations. Stuff like degenerate assholes down-voting comments purely to get ahead of the competition. So in the case of any dodgy happenings (which we guess we’ll hopefully be able to recognise when we see it), we’ll go back to randomly choosing a winner. Also, while you’re obviously entitled to get friends to vote for your comment or whatever, we’d like to request that you keep it fair by instead letting your comment succeed based on its merit rather than the amount of friends you have on Facebook who’re willing to give up their own shot at winning this competition by voting for your comment. Also, it’ll probably be best to limit it to one comment per person. This may sound a bit cheesy, but let’s try make this a fun, fair competition for everyone.

We’re not at all certain how any of this is going to go, so please bear with us. Photos of the prize live below (click for bigger!), and more info can be found by clicking this link.

UPDATE: It turns out that it’s actually a Razer Naga Epic MMO mouse that’s up for grabs, which as far as we can tell is exactly the same mouse, but wireless. Also, there’s blue. It’s got a cool charging dock and everything. The gallery below has been updated accordingly. Also, here’s a link to its details.

UPDATED UPDATE: It has been decreed that this competition will close next Friday, the 22nd of February. You have a week to dream up the best of all the comments. Go go go!

WINNING UPDATE: Your votes have spoken, and we have ourselves a clear winner. Congratulations to Manie du Preez, who got straight to the point with his heartwarming Valentine’s Day poem. You will be contacted shortly!

Please note that this competition is open to South African residents only.