Game Candy – Dear Esther


Dear Esther

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You are alone on a deserted island. Lost, and confused, your only companions are the memories of a fatal car accident, and a book written by a dying, syphilitic explorer.

Dear Esther is “an award-winning, critically acclaimed, experimental first-person game created by Dan Pinchbeck and Robert Briscoe.” Shown here are scenes from the recent remake of the original 2009 version. It uses Valve’s Source engine, and somehow manages to squeeze natural, detailed landscapes out of the aging framework. The unnamed island in the Hebrides that plays host to the fragmented epistolary narrative, and which you explore as you try to piece together your own interpretation of the events that unfold, captures the sensation of being very alone, very well.

The “game”, if you would call it that (I prefer “interactive experience”), is not like Proteus, which is more of a meditative aid. If you could take a short story, wrap it up in a virtual environment you explore at your own pace, you’d have Dear Esther.

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