It sounds far too funny to be true, but Apple today lost the rights to the iPhone brand in Brazil! The country’s Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) recently rules against Apple in a trademark lawsuit against Gradiente Electronica, who registered the “iPHONE” trademark back in the year 2000. The ruling is limited to handsets only, which is why Apple is free to sell all their other products including t-shirts, software and accessories using the “iPhone” brand. The Cupertino-based company has already filed an appeal requesting that the trademark be revoked, as Gradiente never used the brand until early this year, with their launch of a Brazilian-made Android handset early this year. Gradiente has allowed Apple to continue to sell their phones in the country, although its unclear whether this will change in the future. Gradiente has exclusive rights to the license until 2018. This is very similar to last year’s hilarious lawsuit in China against the GooPhone i5, which used Apple’s iPhone 5 design and, rather amazingly, won the rights to the design as well.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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