Over on the official forums for Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has announced a set of new features heading to the insanity fulled first-person shooter. Intended to hit the game via the title updates, the new features are designed to streamline the multiplayer map making experience and, more excitingly, provide veteran players a reason to revisit the single-player campaign.

A new skill level will be added to the game above the existing “Warrior” skill level. In this new “Master” skill level you will be “challenged by more aggressive wildlife, tougher pirates, and more deadly privateers.” It’s also “worse than malaria” – glad to see Ubisoft has a sense of humour. You’ll have to finish the game at least once before this skill level unlocks.

One of the biggest chunks of gameplay in Far Cry 3 involved clearing out the numerous enemy outposts. Doing so would remove enemy presence in the immediate vicinity and provide you with a place to stock up on ammo and save your game. Unfortunately, once you’d eradicated the pirate/mercenary enemies, you weren’t left with much to shoot at outside the main story missions. The upcoming patch for the game will add the ability to reset these outposts, repopulating them with bad guys for you to tackle once again. It’s kind of ironic considering the amount of bitching people did about the respawning enemies in Far Cry 2.

Insofar as multiplayer is concerned, Ubisoft is adding features for all of you map makers out there. The ability to gather player feedback on your creations will be made more efficient, and you’ll be able to put your maps up for “beta testing”. You’ll also get access to a beta testing map section where you can find and try out other people’s maps that are currently undergoing testing.

Note that these new features will be added over time and not all at once in the next update. There’s no official time frame as yet, but it’s nice to know that this stuff is coming. Personally, I’m going to reset those outposts the second I’m able to do so.

Source: Ubi Forums

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