Ubisoft didn’t win any new fans among Wii U owners when they announced Rayman Legends was going multi-platform. The six month delay didn’t help things either, especially in light of the fact that the Wii U version is 100% finished and ready to ship.

To compensate for this, Ubisoft announced that they would be putting together a second demo for the Wii U crowd. That demo has been cancelled and replaced with something a little better and infinitely more replayable: the online challenge mode from the final build of Rayman Legends.

In an announcement over on the Rayman Facebook page, creative director Michael Ancel and senior game designer Michael Micholic revealed the news to Wii U owners via a video update (embedded after the jump). They also expressed their sadness at how disappointed they had made Wii U Rayman fans.

The challenge mode looks very substantial in terms of online leaderboards and stat tracking. While the actual challenge levels aren’t exactly numerous (there are five in total), the team is promising there will be daily challenges for players to tackle. One of the challenge levels is called The Dungeon, and owing to its design and gameplay mechanics, it is a Wii U exclusive. You can see the whole thing in action in the announcement below.

The Rayman Legends online challenge mode will be available on the Nintendo eShop for free at the beginning of April. It’s unclear as to whether or not this will only be available in the months prior to the game’s eventual September release, or if it will become a permanent free offering on the eShop. Whatever the case may be, just grab a copy in April, all you Wii U junkies.

Source: Facebook
Via: Polygon

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