Do you know what this morning needs? It needs a new BioShock Infinite trailer even though it’d be more accurate to say that yesterday afternoon needed a new BioShock Infinite trailer seeing as that’s when this was released. But whatever! We’re looking at it now because we’re all down for being fashionably late, or something.

Subtitled “Lamb of Columbia” (a term first heard in those creepy mock-documentary trailers for the game) the trailer focuses on Elizabeth. So far, the game’s leading lady has come across as somewhat naïve and a little demure. Prepare to see a different side of her – and no not like that, you gutter-minded sack of entrails.

Elizabeth, the so-called “Lamb of Columbia”, has a vicious streak. We always had a feeling that she did, but this trailer confirms that. BioShock Infinite is out next month; hit the jump for the trailer.

Via: Twitter

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