So, how about that PlayStation 4 right? Good looking console that. Well, it might be if Sony had bothered to actually SHOW the hardware. According to Shuhei Yoshida (president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios) they didn’t show the actual console because they “really wanted to explain what we’ve done with the DualShock 4, but as far as the system itself we have to keep something new for later. Otherwise you’d get bored.” Well alright then; nothing like a console reveal without actually revealing the console. Obviously Sony is keeping that surprise for E3, otherwise they’d run the risk of having nothing new to share next to Microsoft, which will in all likelihood reveal the next Xbox at the show in June.

Still, if you think about, how often do you actually look at your console? Aside from jamming games into the things, you hardly look at the consoles as they sit quietly (or not so quietly if it’s an Xbox 360) on your entertainment unit. One could argue that the controller is the most important part of any console (Nintendo certainly would!), so it kind of makes sense that Sony chose to focus on the DualShock 4 rather than the PlayStation 4 unit itself.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, how about addressing that headline? After the jump you’ll find a trailer for the PlayStation 4. It’s rather brief but it also shows you clips from all of the games that were revealed last night. Convenient! Alternatively, Wesley jacked himself up on super-java-juice and guarana in order to liveblog the event at 1AM this morning. You can read that awesome over-view (complete with screenshots and his opinion of the hardware inside the PS4) right over here.

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