Legend of Grimrock 2 is a real thing


Almost Human has announced that it is currently working on a sequel to one of my favourite games of 2012, yaaaay!

In case you missed it, here is my Legend of Grimrock review.

Basically, if you like the idea of dungeons, monsters, complex puzzles and more monsters, then you should probably check it out.

“Creating a mere DLC or expansion to Grimrock simply wouldn’t have felt right,” said the developer in its latest blog post. “As today’s meeting proved, we still have a lot of ideas we’d like to explore, lots and lots of new content already done (originally made for a DLC/expansion), and a big engine update in the works. Simply put, a DLC would have limited too much what we can do. With a full-blown sequel, we can raise Grimrock to the next level.”

Apart from that, Almost Human is keeping tight-lipped on the project, but more details are expected to be announced in future blog posts.