SUPER-IMPORTANT UPDATE-TYPE STUFF: This competition is closed, and no new entries will be applicable. However, we have not yet chosen winners, the reason being that there isn’t enough time in the day to get anything and everything in our to-do list done. Which is really just another way of saying OMG MAGAZINE DEADLINE = FLAT PANIC. Really, we’ve not had time to read through the fan fiction below as of yet. Apologies for the delay, but we will select and announce winners soon. Thanks for all your patience!

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm is out in March! That makes March one of the most important months of this year for us here at NAG, because we still regularly play multiplayer ladder matches in Wings of Liberty. And by “regularly play”, I mean we frequently (embarrassingly) get annihilated by anonymous people on who seem to spend every waking hour frantically clicking away at StarCraft. It’s a bit depressing really, but we love it.

Anyway, Razer is equally excited for HotS, because it means they get to launch a new range of licensed peripherals for you to throw money at. And they’ve kindly given us a stack of them to offer you the chance to win.

Head past the break for rules and other purple Zerg stuffs.

There are three Razer peripherals in question: the Banshee headset, Marauder keyboard and Spectre mouse. Razer has provided us four of each (the total value of it all is R9,988), which we would love to give to twelve lucky readers. To keep things in theme and make this competition interesting, what we’d like from you is a piece of StarCraft fan fiction. Now, we’ve only got two rules: firstly, entries must be comprised of no more than 250 words, and secondly – and this one’s mighty important, because this is the Internet after all – AVOID THE GROSS STARCRAFT EROTICA, YOU FILTHY HUMAN. For reference of what’s not acceptable, go read anything at all on In essence, don’t be weird, and try to keep your short stories penis-free.

For now, let’s say you have until Monday the 4th of March to submit your entries in the comments section below this post. Then, at the competition’s end we will select our twelve favourite stories and randomly assign them their prize of one of the three peripherals. We’d like to also request your help to filter out the best stories by voting for those you like most: this doesn’t mean that the highest-voted entries will win, but it’ll certainly help in getting them noticed by us.

And that’s it really. There’s a gallery of stuff you could win by being awesomely creative below.

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