Currently, they’re working with a title of “G-series”. Presently, G-series MSI products are only found in their laptop lineup, with models such as the GE70 and GT60 denoting a gaming-focused product with discrete graphics capability. Now it looks like they’re preparing an entire range of boards dedicated to gamers, similar to ASRock’s “Fatal1ty” lineup that didn’t really cement the name of Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel as a household name. But it looks like MSI’s really serious about this and will be bringing some interesting features and chips to their new lineup.


They’ve always been the one board partner that has always had black PCBs, so that won’t change with the new lineup. Some visual indicators, such as the sweet laser- etched black-and-red heatsink will be indicators of which family it belongs to. If MSI had planned to make that light up it would have been even more impressive, but I get the feeling gamers are tired of LEDs and lighting that makes onlookers go, “Oooooh.” The picture above doesn’t tell you everything but it looks like MSI is first going to rework the Z77A-GD65 to fit into the family – if you compare the above image to pictures of the GD65, there are a lot of similarities. With any luck, they may even pay some attention to AMD as well, the red and black would certainly go down well with fanboys hoping to match the company’s logo.


There will also be some ports on the back panel with red accents. The PS/2 and USB ports you see above are, according to MSI, hard-coded to support high polling rates. With some gaming mice supporting polling rates far above that of normal mice with ranges between 500 to 1000Hz, its often a trying experience to get them to work at their advertised speeds if the drivers aren’t up to task. MSI seems to have taken this to heart and will be enabling these ports with high polling rates, supporting frequencies up to 1000Hz and possibly higher. They have also promised the use of gold plating on the ports themselves to prevent oxidation from setting in and stopping the ports from working.

In addition, MSI has announced that the G-series will also include Bigfoot’s Killer NIC E2200 gaming network card fully integrated into the board. Presumably this will also be highlighted in red and it remains to be seen how many gamers or even power users will choose this over possibly cheaper boards featuring the usual stock standard Realtek or Atheros chips. We’ve only had Intel as the high-end choice for better network support for the last few years though, so this is a welcome addition. I’ve only ever seen it on the Gigabyte G1 Sniper boards, so Bigfoot may be looking to expand its range into the desktop market with a product at a cheaper price.

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