By now, Sony is sitting pretty smug in the wake of last week’s PlayStation 4 reveal event. A Sony official has said that the event “caught Microsoft off-guard” and that the home of PlayStation had “definitely ruffled some feathers”.  Was that a warning shot marking renewed hostilities for the Console Wars 2013?

A big deal was made about the fact that Microsoft beat Sony to market with the Xbox 360 and that this was the reason the American company had such a massive lead in terms of hardware sales. Now that Sony has unveiled their upcoming hardware, it’s Microsoft’s turn to respond. If rumours are to be believed, then that response will come in April.

That’s according to a rumour posted by website CVG. It’s also speculated that Microsoft might use next month’s Game Developers Conference to announce new hardware. Adding fuel to both of these rumours is the fact that Ustech has registered the domain Ustech has partnered with Microsoft in the past when it comes to press events, so this domain registration on behalf of Microsoft is a pretty strong indication that stuff’s about to go down.

Source: CVG

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