Well, AMD is in the news again because of an interview that their head of marketing for AMD, John Taylor, had with The Inquirer. AMD’s plan seems to be that it was originally going to release an APU based on its Jaguar cores along with a much stronger graphical component. Based on John’s remarks, it looks like they’ll be selling a cut-down version of the APU inside the PS4, probably only with a GPU half as strong and four cores instead of the eight that Sony will have packed into their next-generation console. This is interesting because this means its basically a freebie product for AMD – all the development and production costs have already been covered by Sony, so this will probably be a fused-off eight core APU with a slightly weaker mobile GPU, possibly the equivalent of the mobile Radeon 8790M. And this might even be socket FM2-compatible! (fingers crossed)

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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