Crysis 3 was running on the Wii U, but “had to die”


Developer Crytek is calling Crysis 3 their pièce de résistance in spite of the fact that the game isn’t exactly setting software charts alight. Crytek’s Cevat Yerli is blaming “console fatigue” and the fact that (according to his research) the third game in a series often gets lower scores. The console fatigue is interesting, especially in light of the fact that there’s a new console on the market anyway: the Wii U. What’s even more interesting is that Crysis 3 was running on the Wii U, but it had to be scrapped because of a “lack of business support” between interested parties.

“We did have Crysis 3 running on the Wii U,” Yerli told GamesBeat. “We were very close to launching it. But there was a lack of business support between Nintendo and EA on that. Since we as a company couldn’t launch on the Wii U ourselves — we don’t have a publishing license — Crysis 3 on Wii U had to die.”

It’s a pity; the Wii U could really do with some new games. It shouldn’t be surprising that Nintendo’s console was able to run Crysis 3, seeing as how it’s supposedly on an equal footing with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. What is surprising is that EA and Nintendo couldn’t reach an agreement. Was Nintendo being sticky about something, or did EA decide against publishing Crysis 3 on the Wii U because of the console’s current market penetration?

Source: GamesBeat (VentureBeat)