Game Candy – Warframe

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Ancient space-ninja are needed to fight a New War. You are Tenno, warrior of blade and gun, revived from cryostasis to fight the Grineer army. With help from your guide, the Lotus, and powerful armour called Warframes, you’ll become the ultimate weapon.

But mostly, you’ll grind so you can afford a new gun, sword, or sweet new Warframe. Currently in closed beta, Warframe is an upcoming “free-to-play” co-operative third-person shooter. If the visual design looks familiar, you might have seen the original Dark Sector trailer before it was changed, which is by the same team.

Warframe is visually quite exotic, sporting that hip new Chromatic abberation effect that’ll soon be all the rage, just like the dirty lens popularized by Battlefield 3. More images after the jump.

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