Willem Dafoe joins Beyond: Two Souls cast


Quantic Dream’s next character driven game Beyond: Two Souls already stars Hollywood actress Ellen Page, but the always-kind-of-creepy Willem Dafoe is now on-board as well. A few months ago it was speculated that Dafoe was involved, but the game’s director, David Cage, immediately denied the rumours.

Dafoe will be playing a character called Nathan Dawkins, who is a scientist who studies supernatural elements for the government. Page’s character Jodie is brimming with supernatural phenomena, so naturally the two characters cross paths very early on. At the start, Dawkins will be somewhat of a surrogate father to Jodie, but that relationship will be tested as he begins to use her for his own career advancement.

Sony and Quantic Dream have released a new, Dafoe flavoured trailer for Beyond: Two Souls. You can find that as well as a “behind the scenes” short with Willem Dafoe, after the jump. The game has also been given a final release date of 08 October.