Ooh boy: SimCity gets server woes in North America


Oh man, you guys! So remember when Diablo III launched and the entire damn world tried to log in to Blizzard’s servers on the same day? And remember how those servers spontaneously combusted and everyone was all like “Error 37 LOL!” And THEN remember how everyone said, “WTF Blizzard! Always online is so stupid for a single player game! All future developers/publishers who attempt this model will surely learn from Blizzard’s mistake and beef up their servers.” Remember all of that? Yeah, well, the same thing is happening to SimCity – I know, shocking, right?

A Reddit user posted the screenshot you see above. He or she was trying to log in to their existing game; a game they had begun as “Private”. That means that the city they built in the private game would not include the multiplayer/social aspects of SimCity. Unfortunately, when they say the game requires a permanent internet connection, they generally mean it. Private game or not, you need to be able to log in to a server in order to play. Too bad the North American servers are failing to uphold their end of the bargain.

The really irritating thing is that the failed login dumps you into a 30 minute queue. There’s nothing quite like being told when you can play the game you paid for, is there?

Let me level with you: I’ve been hopelessly in love with SimCity ever since I played it at Gamescom last year. It was, undoubtedly, my favourite hands-on while in Germany. My love and enthusiasm for the title was strong enough for me to give EA and Maxis the benefit of the doubt when they said that the game would require a permanent Internet connection. But this? I don’t know. I would have thought that EA and Maxis had been paying attention when Blizzard buggered up the Diablo III launch, but clearly this is a case of those not learning from history are doomed to repeat it. Only once again it’s the paying customer who suffers.

SimCity is out this Friday in South Africa. Here’s hoping that the server issues are sorted by then.

Thanks for the heads-up Mr. Mullany!

Source: Reddit