Thief 4 finally unveiled for next-gen platforms


How long did this take to surface? We’ve known that Eidos Montreal has been working on Thief 4 (or Thi4f) for years now. The game has now finally been unveiled via the April cover for magazine Game Informer. It’s no longer called Thief 4 – it’s simply Thief and it’s heading to PC, PlayStation 4 and “other next-gen consoles” as earlier rumours hinted at.

Series protagonist Garrett will be making a return as will the fictional City from the previous games. In the rebooted Thief, Garrett has been away from The City for some time, but returns to find it under the tyrannical rule of a man known as the Baron. The Victorian Era City is also in the midst of a devastating plague that’s decimating the poorer population, while the rich hide in their wealthy homes. On top of the plague, the City’s population lives in fear of the Baron’s military, which keeps a violent and oppressive hold on the streets. Wow, good thing Arkane Studios released Dishonored when they did!

According to the Game Informer feature, Eidos Montreal is toning down the series’ supernatural elements, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be fighting undead creatures and other beasties. The Thief franchise has been AWOL for over ten years now, so the time is right for a reboot. If you’re an ardent Thief fan and the notion of a reboot panics you, then hit the jump to watch a short introductory trailer in which the team at Eidos keep repeating how they’re sticking to the series’ roots.

Source: Game Informer