New Deadpool trailer is, well, totally manic


You know, I’d actually kind of forgotten that Marvel and High Moon Studios (the guys behind the last three Transformers games) were making a Deadpool game. Deadpool, the character, has become pretty crazy over the years since he first appeared in The New Mutants comics back in 1991.

It looks like High Moon is taking the “Deadpool is kind of batshit insane” angle really seriously. The whole thing is deliciously juvenile but it also looks like one of those third-person action titles that could easily fill the role of guilty pleasure.

This new trailer shows off a lot of new gameplay, and is in a similar, 4th wall breaking style as the first trailer. And in case you’d forgotten, voice acting for Deadpool is being handled by the Prince of Persia Nathan Drake Desmond Miles Cpt Martin Walker Elliot Salem Nolan North! We were beginning to miss him. Hit the jump; watch Deadpool shout “Bang! Bang!” at the people he shoots.