Indie showcase: Perspective

Depending on how you look at things, games like Perspective can be a good or a bad thing – and yes, that was a feeble attempt at humour.

On one hand, the game certainly has an interesting concept behind it: players control the world in both a two- and three-dimensional perspective. Two characters form the core of the gameplay, a blue astronaut-like being from an arcade machine and an unseen cameraman. Blue constructions in the world form the platform basis of the game while orange borders are an instant-kill obstacle. You are required to alter the viewpoint in three-dimensional space in order to make blue platforms line up and allow access to the exit. Assorted puzzles and logical conundrums form the overall puzzle element that is the cohesive of the whole experience.

On the other hand, if this all seems a tad familiar, you’d be right. The idea is reminiscent of earlier titles such as Fez and, in particular, Crush, though the perspective is far more fluid and organic. It can hardly be called original, but the idea is an intriguing one that definitely deserves more coverage in whatever form.


The music is minimal electro which gets layered with a catchy bass-line whenever the perspective is switched from 3D to 2D. The graphics are crisp, clear and more than a little reminiscent of the Tron movies. Difficulty is not too hard and overall play time shouldn’t be in excess of one or two hours, providing that you don’t get blind-sided by a stupidly obvious puzzle.

Align your browser to this here link in order to nab the installer. Sorry, Mac and Linux users, this one is for the Windows crowd only. Also be warned that it utilizes DirectX 11, so if you’re using Windows XP, well, you might want to start thinking about entering the 21st century…

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