Game Candy – Hawken


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When it comes to mech-based games, we’ve come a long way. Hawken is the new kid on the block, free-to-play and full of action. Where MechWarrior Online aims to replicate a more classic and authentic feel, Hawken is all rock-and-roll. You can boost, side-boost to dodge, and repair mid-combat if you can find a place to hide. Arenas are tight and super-detailed, the particle effects crazy if you have an NVIDIA card. That cockpit you see in the screen is full 3D as well, it’s not some fancy pre-rendered overlay. There are skills to unlock, new mech types to buy and pieces to customize. Thankfully, very little is locked behind real-money transactions, it’ll just take longer to get if you don’t want to pony up the cash.

You can find a few more Hawken shots after the break.



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