There’s a new Vault Hunter coming to Borderlands 2


Gearbox has allowed a tiny peek at future content for first-person looter Borderlands 2. The game has been getting a steady offering of downloadable content, and it looks as if the next pack will add a sixth playable character to the game.

Aside from the very brief teaser trailer that Gearbox showed off at the Texas based SXSW (“South by South West”) convention, not much is known about this new character. The trailer implies that the new character was the result of genetic experimentation in an underground laboratory on Pandora. It also looks as if the character will be melee focussed – possibly similar to Brick from the original Borderlands.

You can check out the filmed off-screen teaser after the jump. There’s no information about when to expect the DLC, but knowing Gearbox we’ll have more news to share with you before the week is up.

Source: Polygon