Star Wars: First Assault was meant to revive Battlefront 3


Back in October last year, super-sleuths on the Internet discovered the existence of a thing called Star Wars: First Assault. It was picked up by somebody browsing artwork on and the only thing we had to go on the game, was its “box art” for Xbox LIVE Arcade. At the time, it was thought that First Assault was a team-based online shooter of sorts, as well as a final resting place for many of the assets that were left homeless after Star Wars: Battlefront III was scuttled in 2010.

Kotaku has now (through an unnamed source) found out a hell of a lot more about what First Assault is/was. That “was” bit is a little disconcerting but it’s pretty much a modus operandi these days when talking about games in development by LucasArts. You can blame Disney’s acquisition of all things Lucas for that.

This source claims to have worked on First Assault, but is now no longer part of the development team. They claim that First Assault was 8v8 team-based online shooter made for download on consoles. It was also meant to prove that there was still a market for the long dormant Battlefront franchise.

If Star Wars: First Assault had done well, and there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t have considering it was a Star Wars FPS built on Unreal Engine 3, it would have led LucasArts to revive Battlefront III. The thing is, this wouldn’t have been a dredging up of the game that was canned three years ago; it would have been a completely new stab at making the game based on First Assault code rather than old Battlefront III code.

It’s completely unknown as to whether or not we’ll ever get to play First Assault. The game was supposed to have been announced back in September 2012 and have been out sometime now during our autumn. Now, however, we’re in a world in which LucasArts hasn’t even acknowledged that the game exists.

So super bummed right now.

Source: Kotaku