StarCraft II PSA: Don’t forget you need WoL installed for HotS


Today sees the release of the long awaited second instalment in the StarCraft II saga. The Zerg focussed chapter, Heart of the Swarm, follows Kerrigan’s revenge-fuelled campaign of destruction, but don’t forget that you need to have a copy of Wings of Liberty installed in order to play. Today’s release is not a standalone expansion pack. For a lot of StarCraft II fans this isn’t a problem because you will have been playing the crap out of multiplayer since Wings was released. For others, you might need to re-install Wings of Liberty, and this is a PSA to remind you that that’s going to take a long time.

Once the initial installation is done, the game needs to download 24 patches. The first is an 85MB quickie, but straight after that the installer will attempt to optimise its initial installation files. According to the launcher, that should take “15-60 minutes under normal conditions”. Mine took about 35 minutes.

Once that’s all done, the game starts downloading a massive chunk of updates that come in at just under 8GB. So basically, what we’re trying to say is: if you need to re-install Wings of Liberty before you can play your new copy of Heart of the Swarm, then start doing that now, otherwise you’re gonna have a bad time.