New Wii U Pokemon game to use toys and NFC tech


Perhaps you didn’t know this, but there’s a new Pokémon game heading to the Wii U. Granted, it’s a downloadable title that’s only been confirmed for Japan so far, but everyone has been clamouring for a Pokémon game on Nintendo’s new home console so anything is great news right about now. Pokémon Rumble U is a continuation of the spin-off Pokémon Rumble series that first appeared on Nintendo’s handheld DSiWare and 3DS.

It’s now been revealed, via a leaked scan of Japanese magazine CoroCoro Comic, that the game will make use of the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology that already exists inside all Wii U Gamepads. Of course, the way it will do this is by offering a line of collectible toys that will be sold separately. Looks like Nintendo is entering the Skylanders arena along with Disney Infinity.

There will be six collectible toys and one special toy at first. The game itself is pegged to cost ¥1, 800.00 which works out to around R180.00. The toys will each cost ¥200 or about R20.00. This is of course assuming that the game reaches Western shores and doesn’t stay confined to the Japanese Nintendo eShop.

Source: Eurogamer
Header: Kotaku