Bethesda has announced that the second offering of Dishonored DLC will be available on 16 April for $9.99 on PC and PlayStation 3, and 800 MS Points on Xbox 360. You won’t be playing as the main story’s lead protagonist Corvo Attano however – you’ll be playing as Daud.

There are some minor Dishonored spoilers ahead.

Daud is the leader of the assassin group known as The Whalers. He is also the man responbsible for assassinating Dunwall’s Empress in the opening moments of the original game. This DLC, entitled “The Knife of Dunwall”, will allow you to play out that assassination from Daud’s perspective. As you know from having played the main story, Daud later regrets his assassination of the Empress, so seeking redemption he undertakes a directive by The Outsider to “discover the mystery behind Delilah”.

“The Knife of Dunwall” will see you visiting familiar locations, such as Daud’s base in the Flooded District. You’ll also journey to new areas such as the Legal District and the Rothwild Slaughterhouse – the factory responsible for processing whale carcasses.

Daud will have access to new abilities (don’t forget that he is also marked by The Outsider so he too has supernatural abilities like Corvo) like “Summon Assassin” and a variation of “Blink”. A new wrist-mounted mini crossbow will be added as will Chokedust, which allows you to stun your enemies.

You won’t be concluding Daud’s story in this DLC alone; the final chapter will be provided via the game’s last DLC offering “The Brigmore Witches”.

Source: Bethesda Blog

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