Saints Row IV hits in August, looks ridiculous


The new Saints Row is being released this year on 23 August. Simply called Saints Row IV, the sequel originally started life as a standalone expansion which was intended to evolve the narrative and characters from Saints Row The Third. It later got turned into a full-on sequel because THQ believed that what Volition was working on, deserved an entire game instead of being confined to the size of an expansion pack.

Once THQ dissolved, Volition got picked up by German media group Koch Media. Volition is now known as Deep Silver Volition, and the developer and their new publisher have released further information regarding Saints Row IV.

The leader of the Third Street Saints is now president of the USA – “from Crack House to White House” as Volition describes it. However, when an alien invasion threatens the planet, The Saints are trapped within a virtual world so that the aliens are free to take over the real world without hindrance. In this virtual world, The Saints get all sorts of superpowers in a similar setup to the one that’s found in The Matrix films. There’s also a ton of alien enemies and loads of alien weapons. Trailer after the jump; get ready for attempts to one-up the already ludicrous Saints Row The Third.