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Alright, so some of those platforms still haven’t been confirmed, but there’s still hope that we’ll one day be able to make ourselves a delicious bowl of Nature’s Source Triple Choc Bitz while rotating our milk cartons around to further Gomez’s adventures. For PC gamers, that hope has just become a reality – sans milk cartons and bowls of cereal however.

Fez has now been added to the Steam Store in the Indie section. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering the game’s creator, Phil Fish, has been expressing his interest in moving Fez onto the PC. The release date is pegged at 01 May 2013, but there’s no pre-order option and no indication of pricing as yet.

Shortly after this was revealed, Fish took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) during which it was revealed that he is in talks with Sony to bring Fez to the Vita and PlayStation Network, indicating that the game might jump to PS3 as well. iOS is also “highly probable”, but an Android powered Ouya version is a definite go, as Fish has said that he is actively working on that port. So, good news for many, considering how fantastic this little game is.

Sources: Shacknews & Digital Spy

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